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beautiful Lake Tanadoona
        On the Shores of Tanadoona ...
        Among the silent oaks, majestic
        Our Fathers, resolute and true
        Declared their loyalty to you.

          -- Tuttle College Alma Mater

Tradition is tradition at Tuttle College. If you strive to learn, thrive on new, unique and fulfilling experiences that will place you in the center of the world stage, then you’ve found your home.

Tuttle College represents the highest quality education in the liberal arts and sciences in the world. Our charge is to provide for our students a foundation of learning, innovation, and dynamic engagement for a lifetime; to promote in each individual a sense of self worth, high values and high ethical standards -- to lead productive, principled, and benevolent lives that improve the human condition.

Tuttle College adheres to the principles that knowledge is gained through discipline; competence is achieved when knowledge is enhanced by experience, and character is developed when competence is practiced with compassion.

Tuttle College, by witness of our high traditions, fine leadership, distinguished educators, and faithful alumni, will ensure success through the vigorous encouragement of our students’ curiosity and creativity, independent thought, intellectual depth and breadth, integrity, and joy of achievement.

Graduates of Tuttle College are leaders in their respective vocations, all over the world. They are the very best in business, government and diplomacy, science and research, in education and entertainment, in service to our global society and to all of civilization! The eyes of the world follow Tuttle graduates. Trends start with Tuttle graduates. Indeed, the very day starts with Tuttle graduates.

Tuttle College graduates are World Class!

Tuttle College
1 Olde Marine
LaPointe, MN 55331

"on the shores of beautiful Lake Tanadoona"


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